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About Drop WWW

Drop WWW is a website published by Sharpened Productions, the developer of several leading technology websites and software applications. We believe that "www" is an unnecessary and outdated prefix used URLs. The goal of this website is to help webmasters remove "www" from their web addresses.

Make sure to visit the How page to learn how to drop "www" from your website URL. If you have other questions about removing "www" or this website, please contact us using the online form.

Promote Drop WWW

You can promote Drop WWW by publishing the Drop WWW badge on your website. You can copy and paste the code below into the HTML of one of your webpages or you can download the image and publish it yourself. Either way, you can modify the size of the image as needed. Just make sure the button links to "https://dropwww.com".


<a href="//dropwww.com"><img src="//dropwww.com/img/drop_www_badge.png" alt="Drop WWW" width="320" height="120"></a>


Drop WWW